Lisa Curtin

Single mum Lisa Curtin has conquered most investors’ biggest fears, going from struggling to pay her mortgages to seeing success in renovations and now claiming the ultimate prize: a portfolio that will enable her to retire at 50.

  • I have been looking at developing in the last few weeks and the funds required to purchase a large block, subdivide and build units are out of my price range for what the bank will allow me to borrow as a single salary earner. read more

  • Paying market value each time means that I have to wait to gain capital growth to make up the stamp duty and any extra funds (for renovations) taken out in the new loan as I tend to borrow around 110%. I need to think of a way to do this in a more cost effective way which would maximise my profits. read more

  • Those of you who have been reading my past posts will have an idea of my strategy with units I have been purchasing a street back from the beach in Rockingham WA. read more

  • I’m trying to be smarter in the way I purchase my future properties to maximise profits. I've been looking into developing rather than buying each property as it comes to the market as I’d like to pay under ‘retail’ value. The below is my understanding of what I've been researching and should not be taken as fact as I’m a layperson sharing my experiences only. read more

  • I am with one of the four major banks. The bank's valuation on my mortgage free PPOR was very conservative with a $200k difference between their 'on paper' valuation and market value according to sold properties of the same type in the area. read more

  • To furnish or not to furnish? That is the question. In order to try to reduce the outlay from my pay to purchase more properties, I need to come up with ways of maximising the rents received. read more

  • I subdivided a block of land from one block to two about 10 years ago. The process involved wasn’t as difficult as I had assumed and I thought I’d describe the process to help you decide if it would be something you’d like to take on read more

  • I am emotionally involved in the units as my daughter is now living in one and I want her and my other tenants to feel pride in where they live. This in turn encourages them to assist in keeping common area’s neat and tidy. The added value of good curb appeal can’t be dismissed either, you want to ensure the property entices people to live there. read more

  • Over the Christmas break I tackled the kitchen in my unit renovation and although I could have done a cheap reno leaving the cupboards and benchtop I opted for a new install with a Bunnings kitchen. read more

  • I settled on a unit last month and have been busy organizing its renovation before my 18 year old daughter Isabella and her 20 year old boyfriend Bryce move in. I can hear alarm bells ringing, but as a single mum with only one child, Isabella will inherit both my assets and my debts so I figure I’ll start her early to get an understanding of the property market... read more