Stuart Zadel's 'Ultimate Property Entrepreneur & Investors Conference' - 12-13th of July 2014

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At this free 2-day training event, embrace the knowledge parlayed from 7 of Australia’s richest business and property entrepreneurs as they provide their audience with proven step-by-step systems on how to generate income from three different wealth streams: Business, Property and Shares. With a strong focus on property, you can gain important insights on the modern real estate industry and learn strategies that flourish in the current market.

Date 9am: 12&13 July 2014
Location Sydney
Price Free

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll learn at this jam-packed 2-day event:

  • How to utilise innovative legislation to buy distress properties up to 40% below market value.
  • Tips on how to manufacture instant cash flow AND capital growth from Australia’s Top Renovator.
  • How to turn negatively geared properties into positives and lessen the risk of losing money on your investment
  • How to get started on small yet profitable development projects
  • How to legally protect your property assets instantly without incurring stamp duty or change-over fees
and much, much more….

These strategies are designed to accommodate any Australian, anywhere in the country.

REGISTER HERE NOW or call 1800 899 058

Presented by: Zadel Property Education Pty Ltd

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