Doron Peleg

Doron Peleg

Doron Peleg is the CEO/Founder of RiskWise Property Review, a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of 'PELEG, KESSEL & CO' and a former Executive Manager at Westpac.
Utilizing 20 years of experience in risk management, Doron has Co-developed RiskWise's property risk rating algorithm. This smart algorithm enables potential property investors to better access and mitigate risks for individual propertues in Australia.

  • ‘Risk-loving’ property investors tend to make crucial mistakes that often results in unnecessary risk exposure and very poor returns, leaving many of them with negative equity or even bankruptcy. read more

  • Two separate researches that performed by RiskWise Property Review reveal that: (1) The gap between Sydney and Brisbane is significantly wider than the gap before the mining boom. This means that the relative house prices in Brisbane are very low, from a long-term perspective. Therefore, Brisbane is more attractive than Sydney as an investment destination; and (2) Brisbane has the best Surplus/Shortfall Ratio (SSR), which is the ratio between the gross rental return and the funds required to service a mortgage (based on 80% LVR and the discounted variable rate as published by RBA). This means that the out-of-the-pocket costs to service the mortgage and the ongoing costs associated with the property are significantly lower for houses in Brisbane. This makes Brisbane an attractive property investment destination from both capital growth and rental return. read more

  • Research reveals surprising insights into the mindsets and motivations of property investors. Discover why and how to become a successful property investor. read more

  • Homebuyers and investors often feel overwhelmed and confused by conflicting messages from property professionals, leading them to delay taking action. If you’re ready to move forward with your property goals but you’re unsure what your next step is, how can you make informed, more efficient decisions? read more