Finding a buyer in a haystack

Aidan Devine#1 Posted : Friday, 8 February 2013 9:45:00 AM

Buyers these days want properties that fit their tastes like a glove, like they were made only for them. But how do you meet that need if you’re trying to sell?

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  • Trisha F Perth#2 Posted : Saturday, 9 February 2013 11:41:46 PM

    Hi we recently listed our renovated property for sale in Rivervale with tenants in, whilst tenants were helpful the house did not present particularly well and 2 young men have a lot of big furniture. The lease expired, tenants moved out, we re-painted, re-did gardens mulching etc did some maintenance mostly superficial spent $5,000 on furniture with personal touches and now house has changed into a home. We feel that the overall investment approx $10,000 will return more than 400% but most importantly it is staged to appeal to a number of buyers... Old, young, families, singles and investors. We will find our buyer no more needle in haystack by applying 3 key rules. 1- cleanliness is next to godliness 2- neutral comfortable interior and 3 - 'chi' or 'flow'...

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