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How investing in shares?

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ppremjith | 02 Aug 2017, 03:41 AM Agree 0
There are 4 types of investments, property and bonds, along with cash. Although they carry risk they can give the best returns. This will explains more about the work, the risk and decision. Before any decision about selling or buying, funds or shares, think about company funds. Do you know the meaning of share? It is like a small company’s fraction. Owning this means own a part of company. The investor can own his shares or pool money with friends. Fund manager managed and chose funds. Putting money into funds means you don’t have to choose private investment. Investing in shares means keeping and buying them for a little period of time to make money. 2 ways of earning money from company’s share: 1- When the company grows. 2- Dividend pay the investor profit each year. You will not get fast growth if you buy large share, but you will get dividends. shares which pay dividends are the best for earning. Large companies only pay dividends. smaller companies have opportunity to grow fast Can share be risky? The prices are going up or down based on performing of company or operating of economic cases. Reducing share price cause a reduce in investment Kuiv, Ukraine?
  • BrookeGordon | 21 Sep 2017, 10:37 PM Agree 0
    Shares are closely associated with the stock market. When you purchase shares you assume an important part in the organization's execution by profiting from its benefit which can be given to you as profits. One can invest in. Shares investment is an important part of your business investment strategy when you keep informed, monitor your share's performance and respect your initial objectives.
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