Product Profiles

    • These reports will help you in many ways, including:- 1. Identifying suburbs experiencing the fastest rates of median growth. 2. Targeting areas where owning is more affordable than renting. 3. Finding suburbs where you can purchase property for as little as $50,000. 4. Avoiding the suburbs experiencing declining rates of median price growth which could lead to financial disaster. read more

    • There is nothing like holidays or spending time with family and friends to help put things into perspective. And as the New Year is now well and truly under way, it seems that many of us are searching for that ever elusive balance in our life, be it work, family, life or financial balance. read more

    • The beginning of a New Year sees opportunities to review and take stock of your investment property portfolio so that you are ready for the next tax season. In this article, WSC Group will outline some areas to review before 30 June*. read more

    • The primary function of any investment property strategy is to generate wealth and the best way to achieve that is to buy well. Naïve investors might be convinced they reap their reward when they sell their investment properties, but BIG clients know your profit is made when you buy your investment property – which is why you need to buy well. read more

    • If you have bank loans, have you ever really considered how your loans are secured? Many property investors believe that their loans are stand-alone when in fact they are ‘crossed’ with other properties. ‘Crossing’ is very widespread (my estimate is that up to 95% of residential property investors are affected). read more

    • Get the financing right and everything else will fall into place or, to put it another way, it doesn’t matter how much of a bargain or great investment is on offer, without money you simply can’t play. read more