Product Profiles

    • It’s called the silly season because everything seems to fall apart around Christmas. Here are some tips for common silly season issues. read more

    • Many investors are unconsciously unskilled, that is, they don’t even know what they don’t know. This is the worst position for anyone to be in. the greatest thing that has grown me and my investment strategies has been knowing what I don’t know and leveraging off the knowledge of other people that know what I need to know read more

    • The latest ABS statistics from the 2011 census have been released and I was amazed that only 4% of the population own 1 investment property, 1.49% own 2 -4 investment properties, and only 0.1% own 5 or more investment properties. read more

    • Regular property maintenance preserves the value of your asset. A well-kept property can command a higher rent and attract better quality tenants. A prompt response as issues arise and the use of qualified tradespeople is essential for happy tenants read more

    • As a property investor you should be continually scouring the market looking for new opportunities and trends that will affect the demand for property. New and improved transport infrastructure can have a dramatic effect on property prices. On one hand you want be close to transport…but not so close that road noise decimates the peaceful tranquility of outdoor living! read more

    • The premise for the “houses depreciates” is that the value of the house goes down over time, just like a car or a computer, making it a bad investment. Of course this is not fact. read more