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    • There are some great Investment Property seminars and courses scheduled for November 2012. read more

    • One of the great contradictions of the Australian property market is that while many of us aspire to own a home, very few people then seem to successfully invest in property, even though most of us understand it is a sure way of creating long term wealth. read more

    • Spring is when the market gears up for the traditional selling season of the year. Something changes in the human psyche with the onset of warmer weather and longer days that give people renewed optimism when it comes to selling their property read more

    • RP Managers is Toowoomba and surrounding regions freshest and most innovative property management agency, if you have an investment property in the region you owe it to yourself to keep reading. read more

    • Warren Buffet said, “To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require a stratospheric IQ, unusual business insights or inside information. What’s needed is a sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotions from corroding that framework.” read more

    • Time is running out to get tickets to the event you can not afford to miss. The YIP Property Investors Forum will bring together property industry experts and successful investors to show you how you can make serious money in Australia's property market. read more

    • You can find the best properties before other investors, complete thorough research, crunch your own numbers and accurately estimate their value using the very latest data and information. Sound interesting?… read more

    • Australian investment property owners are missing out on legitimate tax savings each year because they are not fully maximising their depreciation allowances according to Tyron Hyde, director of quantity surveying firm Washington Brown. read more

    • The reduction in interest rates has resulted in a market condition known as parity. In Sydney and especially in Western Sydney and some other places in Australia, the rental yields are the same or on parity to loan repayments, which means that renters start to crunch numbers and think they are better off buying than renting property in these areas. read more