Product Profiles

    • Many property investors get stuck on two or three properties and fail to progress up the property ladder. You know in your heart that you need to build up a portfolio of properties if you really want financial freedom. Buying just one or two investment properties is not going to cut it. read more

    • In light of my recent and first ever fire in one of my properties it has reminded me of what I preach to my clients on a daily basis about the importance of property and landlord insurance and to ensure that the quality of their cover and the amount of their insurance provides adequate cover. read more

    • Welcome to QS Corner…this month we look to reduce your Capital Gains Tax (CGT). I believe every year millions of dollars get paid in Capital Gains Tax that shouldn’t be, and here’s why: When people renovate a property they are living in – they rarely keep records of they cost incurred on the upgrades that they make. read more

    • New Investors Often Suffer From Analysis Paralysis. Analysis paralysis is when an investor has collected pages and pages of information, sometimes views hundreds of properties, but still cannot make themselves take the plunge and go to contract. read more

    • Rocket Property is currently expanding and is looking for passionate property investors who want to help others do what they have done. If you are people focussed and an investor they want to hear from you. You may be just who they are looking for and they can help launch your career as a property investment advisor with them. read more

    • Serviced apartments can be a convenient and cost-effective accommodation option for leisure and business travellers looking for extended-stay accommodation that resembles apartment-style living. read more

    • Help us create the most compelling and relevant stories by filling out our online survey. Tell us what information you need and we'll work to make the Your Investment Property experience that much better! Everyone who completes our survey will win $125 prize pack. Plus 6 people will win a $2,025 prize pack! read more

    • When buying things for an investment property, I always abide by this guiding principle: “A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow” … so deduct items as quickly as possible. read more

    • There are some great Investment Property seminars and courses scheduled for June 2012. Here are just three that grabbed our attention. read more