Product Profiles

    • There are some great Investment Property seminars and courses scheduled for June 2012. Here are just three that grabbed our attention. read more

    • The NSW Government has passed legislation and made granny flats easier and faster to build. Secondary dwellings give investors the chance to use Granny Flat as a source of additional income to help improve their yields and cash flow position on each property. read more

    • This exclusive database is THE major reference point for Mortgagee Repossessions, Public Trustee’s, Deceased Estates, Receivers, Liquidators, Administrators and Housing Authority (Govt) properties. read more

    • Investing in off-the-Plan (OTP) properties is quite a profitable trade. It’s a fantastic way to take full advantage of market growth, but in order to enjoy maximum growth potential it's important to understand and follow some key factors when using this kind of investing strategy. read more

    • It is perfectly possible to become a successful investor without much knowledge. It is much less common to come across a successful investor who does not have a positive attitude... read more

    • In this month's QS corner, we look at the advantages of getting your foot in the property market - early in life. read more