Product Profiles

    • Whilst mortgage insurance can at first glance appear to be a cheeky money grab by greedy lenders, the plain fact is that avoidance of LMI at all costs can often be a false economy, and severely curb the acquisition of further growth assets. read more

    • There are some great Investment Property seminars and courses scheduled for 2012. read more

    • Is the market a single market economy? Single market economies are towns that have one resource, for example copper! The fate of the township fluctuates with the price of world supply and demand and therefore with copper prices. read more

    • For many investors buying property it’s a difficult and stressful process. You can spend weeks or months searching for the perfect property and then you have to contend with inaccurate and expensive property data to analyse the numbers and do your due diligence. read more

    • Your shot at a once in a decade mining boom – or is it just a ‘pie on the sky? I’ve brokered hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property in mining markets for both myself and clients, so I know they can be fantastic money-making deals! read more

    • Do You Know How Much Rent Your Property Should Receive In The Current Rental Market? read more

    • One of the most difficult decisions when comparing a number of similar investments is which one you should actually buy, particularly when you are after a new build. read more

    • How was the property market for you in 2011? What will happen in 2012? I wish I knew. But what I can share is more than 20 years of property market experience… read more

    • Buying at bargain prices is a consumer spending tactic, buying acapital asset for its potential performance requires a very different mindset. read more