Product Profiles

    • Have you heard of the China known as “The Land of the Divine?” Ancient myths and legends throughout history record that the Middle Kingdom was continually guided by celestial beings. Traditional Chinese culture attributes all aspects of its civilization to the heavens, including its script, medicine, attire, music, and classical Chinese dance. read more

    • TRUTH: Taller buildings get higher depreciation Taller buildings attract higher plant and equipment allowances and the higher the plant and equipment, the higher the depreciation. read more

    • YIP has 10 annual memberships to to give away and we are looking for everyday investors to give them to. read more

    • There are some great Investment Property seminars and courses scheduled for 2012. read more

    • Is the market a single market economy? Single market economies are towns that have one resource, for example copper! The fate of the township fluctuates with the price of world supply and demand and therefore with copper prices. read more

    • For many investors buying property it’s a difficult and stressful process. You can spend weeks or months searching for the perfect property and then you have to contend with inaccurate and expensive property data to analyse the numbers and do your due diligence. read more