Product Profiles

    • Gearing (borrowing money to buy an asset) amplifies capital gains and (as we were so rudely reminded by the recent GFC) it amplifies losses too. read more

    • To maximize and lock in projected potential capital gain, some investors follow a fundamental property-investing rule, buying 5-10 kilometers from the GPO of any capital Sydney in Australia. Starting at the GPO, if you were to put rings every 5 kilometers from the GPO, the potential capital growth can reduce 1-2% moving outwards from the GPO. read more

    • There are many myths surrounding what it takes to become a successful property investor, and in his third installment, Cameron Patterson highlights more of the the 12 key myths that he sees holding investors back. read more

    • We all know that one of the biggest challenges in managing a property portfolio is staying organised and on top of the paperwork – the rental payments, bills, council notices – the list goes on. Fortunately, there is an easy way to stay in control of your property portfolio, no matter how large or small. read more

    • Some people think that building a property portfolio should always start with owning your own home first. Whilst possible, this can actually slow down the growth of your property portfolio. read more

    • If it’s clear that price trends in one city will not be exactly represented by those of another, and that most property price indexes are therefore fairly meaningless, it follows that a long term portfolio should avoid having all its eggs in one basket. When Sydney goes flat, hopefully Perth is booming, when South East Queensland is in the doldrums, maybe it’s because Victorians are not moving interstate because their local market is going off and it’s better to buy in Melbourne. read more