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    • As a current or potential property investor, you will have realised that interest rates are currently at the lowest levels we have seen for some time, making you wonder if this is a good time to take advantage of lower repayment amounts and have the repayment certainty over a fixed term. read more

    • To become a property investor to be reckoned with its crucial that you put in place solid foundations first – much like with anything in life. In terms of being a successful property investor we know that one for the most crucial things you can do is improving and securing your financial position. read more

    • In the process of buying your first property, or any property for that matter, have you ever been totally baffled by the ‘finance lingo’? If the answer to that is YES then you’re absolutely not alone. read more

    • What’s critical for any investor to understand first and foremost when it comes to the application process of any loan is that time frames can vary heavily due to the nature of moving pieces involved throughout the process. These moving pieces include the lender choice, valuer commission, and of course the actual complexity of the loan application itself. read more

    • THERE’S a checklist of essentials the experts say you must pay attention to if you’re going to maximise the return on your property development, here it is. read more

    • One place where people fall down with investing is within their own inner game - their mindset. Learn to grow your portfolio and find the best places to invest. read more