Product Profiles

    • Each month Ian Hosking Richards shares a fundamental tip or two to help budding investors build the best investment property portfolio they can. This month he discusses geographical diversification. read more

    • So Where Should You be Investing Specifically in 2012?Sam Saggers takes a look at conditions of markets across the country, focusing on promising markets which investors should take a look at as well as those which are not performing well right now. read more

    • Have you heard of the China known as “The Land of the Divine?” Ancient myths and legends throughout history record that the Middle Kingdom was continually guided by celestial beings. Traditional Chinese culture attributes all aspects of its civilization to the heavens, including its script, medicine, attire, music, and classical Chinese dance. read more

    • The word foreclosure is not normally associated with opportunity. But for property investors in the know, instead of being a word that inspires dread, the word "foreclosure"actually creates a rush of excitement. read more

    • TRUTH: Taller buildings get higher depreciation Taller buildings attract higher plant and equipment allowances and the higher the plant and equipment, the higher the depreciation. read more

    • It seems to be what everyone is talking about right now. The property market in the US is at an all-time low and there are many bargains to be had. But is the rental market strong enough to warrant determined investment? read more