Product Profiles

    • A growing number of real estate experts are advising homebuyers to consider flexible floor plans when choosing to buy a house. A flexible floor plan divides part of your home so that it can be used either for rent or for other business purposes. In that way, homebuyers can have options in creating passive income and ease the burden of getting a new mortgage. read more

    • If you could create a spectacular investment, it would be the perfect blend of location, luxury and lifestyle. Enter Newstead Towers. read more

    • Decorating your own home, even if you’re renting, can be a relaxing and inspiring few days. Before you start though, and your credit cards creaks from a sudden although exhausting workout, develop a colour palate to ensure your selections follow a complementary scheme. read more

    • Looks like we made it! Over the last couple of months I’ve relatively skimmed the surface of some of the most critical areas of structuring finance for property investment. Finally we've come to our last chapter on getting the right tax advisor on board to tie structuring finance up nice and neatly. read more

    • People are asking me if they should invest in property now. Some tell me they’re trying to “time” the market. The media gives the impression nationally that Australia is a seller’s market. And parts of it are. Currently it’s still a seller’s market in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, yet conditons continue to vary significantly from region to region. Across capital cities, it’s leaning towards a seller’s market, while regional housing markets are flat or trending downwards. read more

    • Recently, it was reported in the Gold Coast Bulletin that Dr. Malcolm Ash, a doctor living in Brisbane, who listed his four-bedroom beachfront home in Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast for $9.8 million in 2006, has finally sold 8 years later for $4 million dollars. Don’t let the big dollar price tag of this property fool you- this is a common situation for many sellers. read more