Product Profiles

    • If you have bank loans, have you ever really considered how your loans are secured? Many property investors believe that their loans are stand-alone when in fact they are ‘crossed’ with other properties. ‘Crossing’ is very widespread (my estimate is that up to 95% of residential property investors are affected). read more

    • It really is an ideal time to think BIG when contemplating your next move in property investment because while others are dithering over high unemployment versus historically low interest rates, what I urge my clients to remember is that we’re not building houses for the unemployed, but for working Australians and despite the projected construction of 180,000 new homes in the next 12 to 18 months, we are still going to come up short when confronted by the demand for new housing. read more

    • Get the financing right and everything else will fall into place or, to put it another way, it doesn’t matter how much of a bargain or great investment is on offer, without money you simply can’t play. read more

    • As a current or potential property investor, you will have realised that interest rates are currently at the lowest levels we have seen for some time, making you wonder if this is a good time to take advantage of lower repayment amounts and have the repayment certainty over a fixed term. read more

    • To become a property investor to be reckoned with its crucial that you put in place solid foundations first – much like with anything in life. In terms of being a successful property investor we know that one for the most crucial things you can do is improving and securing your financial position. read more

    • In the process of buying your first property, or any property for that matter, have you ever been totally baffled by the ‘finance lingo’? If the answer to that is YES then you’re absolutely not alone. read more