Product Profiles

    • In the process of buying your first property, or any property for that matter, have you ever been totally baffled by the ‘finance lingo’? If the answer to that is YES then you’re absolutely not alone. read more

    • What’s critical for any investor to understand first and foremost when it comes to the application process of any loan is that time frames can vary heavily due to the nature of moving pieces involved throughout the process. These moving pieces include the lender choice, valuer commission, and of course the actual complexity of the loan application itself. read more

    • THERE’S a checklist of essentials the experts say you must pay attention to if you’re going to maximise the return on your property development, here it is. read more

    • One place where people fall down with investing is within their own inner game - their mindset. Learn to grow your portfolio and find the best places to invest. read more

    • If you are looking to buy an off the plan apartment then iBuyNew may be the right company for you to talk to. iBuyNew is a specialist in helping buyers purchase off the plan apartments in the 3 major cities of Australia being Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and is led by their CEO, Mark Mendel. read more

    • For the property investor, tax time can bring an avalanche of paperwork, but by knowing what you need and by being prepared, you can take much of the stress away. There are three keys to navigating your property portfolio safely through tax time – organisation, preparation and using an experienced, reputable accountant. read more

    • Gearing (borrowing money to buy an asset) amplifies capital gains and (as we were so rudely reminded by the recent GFC) it amplifies losses too. read more

    • To maximize and lock in projected potential capital gain, some investors follow a fundamental property-investing rule, buying 5-10 kilometers from the GPO of any capital Sydney in Australia. Starting at the GPO, if you were to put rings every 5 kilometers from the GPO, the potential capital growth can reduce 1-2% moving outwards from the GPO. read more

    • There are many myths surrounding what it takes to become a successful property investor, and in his third installment, Cameron Patterson highlights more of the the 12 key myths that he sees holding investors back. read more