Product Profiles

    • Property ownership is a belief that many still aspire to, yet at the same time property affordability continues to be a growing concern. What if a different approach was applied to the property affordability problem? As Albert Einstein said "You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it." read more

    • For investors who've been around the traps of property investment long enough to become accustomed to the lingo of the game, then there’s a special group known as the 1% Club that serious players strive to become an unwritten member of. Basically the 1% Club is for investors in the possession of six or more investment properties. read more

    • Are you a property investor looking to either start fresh in the market or expand your existing portfolio towards new levels of financial success? read more

    • We're entering into a booming property market, having experienced a feverish start that began the day after the election. I estimate this will last 3-4 years and as with all market cycles, there will be periods of peaks and troughs as prices rise. There are 3 fundamental questions to ask that are key to buying wisely, yet most home buyers and investors often fail to consider them before they dive in. read more

    • Being a successful property investor does not only involve having a good knowledge of property but also engaging skilful advisers to assist you in tax minimisation and having the right loan structures. read more

    • The Australian dream of home ownership has been passed down from generation to generation. Whether it was our grandparents’ dream of a suburban home on a quarter acre block with a fenced yard for the kids to play in or today’s reality, an inner city unit in a high rise apartment block - no matter the structure, home ownership is still a fundamental Aussie belief, and it is possible. read more

    • The media have been focusing on the “property boom” happening in the country right now, and many are saying that high investor activity and shortage of housing supply are key reasons why house prices are going up. One important point that people rarely mention is the importance of low interest rates in creating the boom. read more

    • The Surat Basin has gone from strength to strength over the past years and now the market is really galloping. The rental market in Chinchilla, Miles and Wandoan has climbed substantially. read more

    • 2013 Readers Choice Tax Specialist of the Year: David Shaw from WSC Group,outlines a couple of questions that clients have raised during the tax season which might be helpful to you when determining the deductibility of expenditure incurred on your properties. read more