Product Profiles

    • People are asking me if they should invest in property now. Some tell me they’re trying to “time” the market. The media gives the impression nationally that Australia is a seller’s market. And parts of it are. Currently it’s still a seller’s market in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, yet conditons continue to vary significantly from region to region. Across capital cities, it’s leaning towards a seller’s market, while regional housing markets are flat or trending downwards. read more

    • Recently, it was reported in the Gold Coast Bulletin that Dr. Malcolm Ash, a doctor living in Brisbane, who listed his four-bedroom beachfront home in Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast for $9.8 million in 2006, has finally sold 8 years later for $4 million dollars. Don’t let the big dollar price tag of this property fool you- this is a common situation for many sellers. read more

    • Rocket Property Group is a leading independent real estate investment property business looking for an experienced sales person to join their team of property advisors. The position will start from 5th May 2014. read more

    • Property Tax Specialist of the year - David Shaw shares his top 10 tips for property investors... read more

    • When the Reserve Bank of Australia abolished the indirect fees banks charged for accessing money from ATM transactions in March 2009, they opened up a whole new market in which 20% return was the minimum offered read more

    • We have been asked “How can it be Done”, here is a video to show you it can happen, you just need to know how. It started with a long drive to a town in NSW called Hay—join us on the journey as you see the transformation to Chunks of Cash and Weekly Rent. read more