Product Profiles

    • The media have been focusing on the “property boom” happening in the country right now, and many are saying that high investor activity and shortage of housing supply are key reasons why house prices are going up. One important point that people rarely mention is the importance of low interest rates in creating the boom. read more

    • The Surat Basin has gone from strength to strength over the past years and now the market is really galloping. The rental market in Chinchilla, Miles and Wandoan has climbed substantially. read more

    • 2013 Readers Choice Tax Specialist of the Year: David Shaw from WSC Group,outlines a couple of questions that clients have raised during the tax season which might be helpful to you when determining the deductibility of expenditure incurred on your properties. read more

    • Over the years I have sat with many families looking at purchasing an investment property. Quite often they know they want and need to invest, but then confusion sets in. Every ‘lunchroom expert’ they mention the idea to provides a different opinion, angle or spin on property, and what “they should do”. read more

    • More and more people across Australia are turning towards property as a means of creating a passive income lifestyle. But it’s still fact that 97% of property investors FAIL. read more

    • If you’re somewhat new to the world of investing, you may be researching a few different options and thinking about what kinds of investing might be the most financially viable and successful for you in the long term. read more

    • There are many types of insurances, and if you are a property investor, you should consider having almost all of them. Most properties are usually very big and expensive, and generally the attached loans are the same – you need to be protected from any unforeseen circumstances. read more

    • A common myth in the superannuation industry is that managing a Self Managed Super Fund can very expensive – however this isn’t always the case. read more

    • For Australians who earn up to $37,000 per annum, the Government now makes an additional contribution into their super fund. The payment is 15% of the eligible concessional contributions (including employer contributions) made up to $500. This effectively reduces the contribution tax for those eligible Australians to zero. It means that all employer contributions are tax free if you are in this income bracket. read more