Product Profiles

    • David & Mel have adopted a low risk & common sense approach to investing in residential property (Keep It Simple Stupid). By purchasing their second ‘Dual Dwelling’ in Greater Brisbane they are confident of achieving high capital growth while obtaining positive cash flow for the life of the property. This is their story… read more

    • The reason people opt for negative gearing? Most often it is for the immediate tax benefits and prospect of capital appreciation over time. This tends to make negative gearing appeal to property speculators and people with a large tax bill. read more

    • Western Australia’s Pilbara region has been known as a hot spot for property investment for years now. Fueled by Western Australia’s mining boom, properties in areas such as South Hedland, Port Hedland and Karratha have traditionally been snapped up. read more

    • So what kind of money do you want out of your real estate development project? What are your expectations and how do you know what you are going to get? First of all understand what you personally are comfortable with. Then as you are selecting projects, you can ask educated questions about what your expectations are. read more

    • If you’re thinking about investing in property for the first time, it may just be your lucky day – or month, or year. read more

    • After years of researching what property investors and tenants want from their property manager – RentSource has finally hit the market. The hugely anticipated property management service delivers a revolutionary cost effective and high quality service that is set to change the face of property management forever! read more

    • With commodity prices bouncing back and renewed investor confidence from the Federal Election, these towns are projected to deliver solid capital growth as markets trend upwards once again. Discounts are still available, meaning investors can access these markets at low prices, maximising capital growth read more

    • In North Dakota Oil is booming, and so are rental Returns, up to 37% net on investment! The USA is the world’s largest consumer of oil. It is also in the fortunate position of having discovered one of the largest oilfields on the planet in North Dakota. Known as the Bakken Formation, the oilfield has led to the International Energy Agency predicting that the US will become the world’s top oil producer by 2017. read more

    • Spring is traditionally the season when the Australian property market experiences a boost. The onset of warmer weather and longer days give people renewed optimism when it comes to selling their property. read more