Buying a house in Australia for 35K!

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We have been asked “How can it be Done”, here is a video to show you it can happen, you just need to know how. It started with a long drive to a town in NSW called Hay—join us on the journey as you see the transformation to Chunks of Cash and Weekly Rent.


The question you may have right now is—So how do I find out about these houses. The answer is simple really. You make the time to invest in your education and knowledge

STEP 1 - start by getting 3 amazing property books here

STEP 2 - you come along to a live one day seminar that are held Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

STEP 3 - you decide if you are super keen to work with a team to achieve your goals faster and now.


The time will pass whatever you decided, so it is better to take Action Now than to wait another 5 years… totally up to you, however there is always money available to be made in Property. None of this Buy, Hold n Prey stuff, we are talking Chunks of Cash, Passive Income, Control of Property for as little as $1 or even a pair of ski boots in one instance.


As is discussed in the video below - “It is a sign of insanity if you do the wrong thing first”


Here is a summary of the ACTION TAKEN to manage this project.

Schedule of works: Plan and get it Right the First Time

  • Write a list of what needs to be done, schedule what is most important and what has to be done first.
  • Sit down and create a PLAN. Who is the team leader, discuss the logistics with your team so that everyone knows what they are doing and working together towards the goal, ensure the team leader is able to check in occasionally with everyone to ensure that they have all the equipment, supplies to get their job done.
  • Assess what is good in the house that can be a keeper and what has to go.

For jobs like this you just have to make a start, working through the house room by room.


As it is a small town with a population of 3000 - 4000 people, Hay has a local Hardware store - become acquainted with the owner of the store letting them know that you will be needing supplies, this way they will support your every need while their store makes profit too.

Use Second hand goods where possible to keep expenditure down. Remove door knobs and patch and paint to make the doors new again.



  • Foreclosure Property was found by one of the Team and it was presented “Do you want this?” - the ‘how to’ is on Page 157 of the Top Secret Documents Folder which you get as a Bonus as a mentoring student.
  • Assess the Area - A Small Town with a Big Town Feel
  • Close to town
  • Hospital, School all amenities for general comfy living.
  • Kids can walk to school
  • Find the worse house and find opportunity - a Diamond in the Rough.
  • Electricals, Plumbing etc all good so just needs the basic reno - carpet, paint, new appliances, to give a homely and warm feeling. You need to create a home that someone wants to live in.


  • Hay pop 3000 - 4000 people
  • Shops neat and well kept
  • Nice friendly people
  • House is close to amenitie
  • Well kept street
  • Neighbouring homes are well kept so they will appreciate you for cleaning up the house as it adds value to their home
  • and finally - TAKE ACTION -

Watch this next video for a walk through of the befores, what is the conversation that goes on, what can you learn to apply from this. This is Opportunity, are you ready to find yours?





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Sean Summerville - “I think it is a matter of personality and choice.  Working with whatever medium is most suited to your interest, level of experience and also what commitment in time and effort you can dedicate to it. You can do it the slow way and take up to 25 years if you are lucky, or you can FAST TRACK IT by joining a team with Experience and Knowledge.

I make no apologies for the fact that I prefer property.  And certainly this program is all about making money in property. But unlike so many other books and investment programs on the market, my approach removes all the traditional disadvantages of property investing put forward against this medium as a way to create income and generate wealth.”

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The above information was supplied by Fortunes in Foreclosures. While due care is taken, the viewpoints expressed by contributors and/or sponsors do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Your Investment Property.

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