Information supplied by Surat Basin Homes.

The population in the Surat Basin last year was 209,000 and it is tipped to rise to 301,000 by 2031 as Liquid Natural Gas (LNP) exports quadruple and Australia takes the mantle of the world’s largest gas exporter.

The regional towns of Dalby, Roma, Chinchilla, Roma, Miles, Injune and city of Toowoomba are poised to experience phenomenal growth as the planned energy resources projects come online.

Queensland’s resources industry workforce is forecast to increase by a total of 30,000 additional workers in the next five years and many of these will be employed in the Surat Basin.

The small regional towns with populations ranging from 1200 and up are set to explode as, unlike more remote resources sector hot spots where workers camps have sprung up, new workers will move with their  families to these established communities because of their location (relatively close to Brisbane)  and the lifestyle they provide.

Also differentiating the Surat Basin from some other resource rich centres which experience ups and downs based on coal demand and pricing the LNG industry is based on 20-year, long term agreements that are underpinned by the world’s desire for cleaner energy.

Apart from direct involvement in the LNG sector via employment there is also a significant wealth creation opportunity for savvy investors who can recognize the long term status of this sector and the demand that is starting to grow for accommodation in the Surat Basin.

The Surat Basin Property Group, headed by a group of Chinchilla locals, is spearheading the wave of new residential and industrial development that is currently underway in an attempt to keep up with the demand.

SBPG’s CEO Jason van Hooft said : “  We offer three things that astute investors want, low risk, good yields and strong growth.”

“The growth that is underway in this region is staggering and investors Australia wide have already recognised the opportunity and purchased quality residential and industrial property from us.

“The workforce in the Surat Basin was about 85,000 in 2009 and by 2016 it will have reached 110,000 and is headed for 158,000 by 2031.

“All  those people have to live somewhere and they all require goods and services which means that businesses have to gear up to cater for them. “ This is rolled gold for investors.”

Mr van Hooft said that the region’s reserves of coal, coal seam gas and liquid natural gas combined with the traditional economic base of agriculture guaranteed its economic future.

“Unlike places in remote Western Australia where the resources boom has seen massive workers’ camps spring up in the Surat we have active thriving small towns where people enjoy the lifestyle and where they have existing services and infrastructure,” he said.

“These towns are set to swell in size and as a result more city style services and facilities will become available. “When you see McDonalds and KFC target towns like Chinchilla you know that the word is getting out.”

SBPG has a limited number of tailored house and land investment packages currently available from a little over $400,000. Properties in the Surat basin rent for up to $1000 a week.

Early adopters to the Surat story have enjoyed 18.1 percent annual growth in values (in the 12 months up until June 2012) and yields of around eight percent. They are riding the biggest and most diverse resources boom in Australia’s history and it is showing no signs of abating.

There are more than 200 new projects across 13 different industries currently underway and demand for housing is far out stripping supply. You don’t have to be a resources sector or mining worker to capitalize on this phenomenon growth – you just have to seize the investment opportunity.

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The above information is supplied by Surat Basin Homes.
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