Finance QnA - Property Investment Q&A

    • Question: I've been paying my PPOR diligently over the past three years and brought down my LVR to 60%. My broker advised that I could top it up to 90% and use this as a deposit to buy a new house or two units as an investment. I also have some cash (about $60,000) sitting in my offset account so I'm wondering if it's better to use this money rather than take out about $70,000 from my PPOR? read more

    • Question: A year ago I applied for a personal loan. In order to ensure I got the best rate and product, I applied to about six different lenders. I only took up the one loan and I have made all my payments on time. I did a similar thing when I took up a credit card about seven months ago. I did my research and was offered about five different credit cards but I only took up one. read more

    • Q:I’m having problems getting a low-doc loan. I have a couple of properties in a trust and would like my next property to also be in a trust. I can get a loan with a 40% deposit or if I put the property in my own name, but they are two options I don’t really want or can’t do. Being self-employed and not required to register for GST makes it hard for me to ‘service the loan on paper’ as some of my income is of a cash nature. read more