Finance QnA - Property Investment Q&A

    • Finance expert Catherine Lezer answers a reader’s question on how to get a loan as a teenager, and explains how banks assess rental income when calculating your borrowing capacity read more

    • Finance expert Tim Wong answers a reader’s question on whether it’s too late to fix their mortgage rate. read more

    • Question: I have recently changed jobs (two months ago) and my wife is expecting our first child in the next six months. With the housing market ripe for the picking, and having saved a 15% deposit, we’re thinking of buying our first home. read more

    • I believe that long-term property investment is much safer than investing in shares and would therefore prefer to use my superannuation to buy an investment property. Is this easy to do? read more

    • Question: I've been paying my PPOR diligently over the past three years and brought down my LVR to 60%. My broker advised that I could top it up to 90% and use this as a deposit to buy a new house or two units as an investment. I also have some cash (about $60,000) sitting in my offset account so I'm wondering if it's better to use this money rather than take out about $70,000 from my PPOR? read more

    • Question: A year ago I applied for a personal loan. In order to ensure I got the best rate and product, I applied to about six different lenders. I only took up the one loan and I have made all my payments on time. I did a similar thing when I took up a credit card about seven months ago. I did my research and was offered about five different credit cards but I only took up one. read more