Starting Over
Cam McLellan

My business partner Al Lewison and I have been investing for a while now and one of the questions we get asked regularly is, if we had to start again knowing what we know now, what would we do differently? read more

Tom Neivandt: How I’m building a bright future through property

With a thirst for growing wealth and a desire for renovation, a 21-year-old Tom Neivandt took a very hands-on approach to property investment. Going it alone meant some steep learning curves, but after six years he has the property market firmly in his grasp and a $1.19m portfolio to boot. Alastair Lynn tells his story. read more

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Every month, leading reno expert Cherie Barber answers your questions on renovations. This month she tackles questions on whether there is a right time to renovate, and how to get maximum profit from a renovation. To have Cherie answer your reno questions, email read more