House or Apartment: Which is the better investment?
Jason Paetow

Try this: Ask someone you know about whether to invest in an apartment or a house. No matter who you ask they’re probably going to have an opinion on whether it’s better to invest in a house or an apartment, and they’ll have the argument to back it up. Well guess what? I’m no different – but I have a pretty impartial opinion on both, and I’m going to share the pros and cons of each with you. read more

Rear View with Deanna Ezzy

Latin dancer and mortgage broker Deanna Ezzy talks about her passion for property, balance at work and on the dance floor, and riding motorbikes read more

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Every month, leading reno expert Cherie Barber answers your questions on renovations. This month Cherie tackles questions about the best time to do a renovation, whether or not to add a second bathroom and the most cost-effective way of transforming a tired bathroom without spending a fortune read more