Assured Investor Club - Meet Gary and his team of experts

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Assured Property Group is opening up our exclusive Investor Club to the public on 29th October 2014. Meet Gary and his team of experts and learn about the basics of property investing, meet our current investors (yes the ones you've seen on TV) and find out about Adelaide's latest and hottest property release. (Here's a hint, it's cash flow positive). Join us for a champagne on entry and enjoy this FREE event.

Date 6.30pm 29 Oct
Location SA
Price FREE

What is your strategy to generate your monthly income during retirement?
Most people have no idea. And worse, many people ignore this question until it’s too late.
If you are open to talking about building wealth, with absolutely no obligation then this event is for you.
Your mind will be opened to the idea of becoming a property investor or continuing to build your portfolio through a brand new and VERY exciting concept just released in Adelaide.
You will be one of the very first to find out how this new way of investing has the ability to jump start your financial freedom and get your property portfolio underway.
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here!
This is no get rich quick scheme. This is a long term, solid investment strategy.  All we are asking you to do is open your mind and listen. Then, decide whether this strategy suits you. And if it doesn't, that is absolutely okay!
The real question is, what have you got to lose by coming?
At worst, you will have met new people, had the opportunity to share a champers, and talk about your goals and dreams.
To book in, click the link to register now. Places are limited.


Presented by: Assured Property Group


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