'Commercial Real Estate Investing Success' with Dolf de Roos

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Free training event: March 2014 marks a very special occasion for all Australians investors as we are presented with a unique opportunity to learn from the vast storehouse of real estate investment knowledge Dolf de Roos retains via a series of LIVE exclusive national conferences.

Date 6:30pm. ADELAIDE
Location 26th March 2014
Price FREE

Dolf de Roos has been on the faculty of Trump University, was appointed a Visiting Professor of Real Estate at the University of North Texas, and has taught real estate and wealth creation at Tony Robbins’ Wealth Mastery. He has been on countless television shows over the years, and appeared on 4,500 radio stations daily for over four years.
Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll learn at this jam-packed evening with Dolf:
·         - How to make subtle changes to your property so that you never have to wonder if you will find a tenant..
·         - How to get free improvements on your property AND still watch the value of your real estate go straight up...
·         - How to use the one "Golden Rule" of property investing to exponentially increase your income (too many investors don't get this right)...
·        - What you should do so that you NEVER have trouble getting a bank loan for your real estate investments...
·         - How to create a reputation and have potential tenants lining up to give you money for your rental property... (this is easy - but no one does it)...
...and much, much more. Each of these strategies will work for anyone, anywhere in the country.

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Presented by: Zadel Property Education Pty Ltd

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