Fast-track yourself at a FREE Property Investment Night (ACT)

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Locations include Canberra, Dickson and Woden.

Date 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Location All over ACT
Price FREE

In just two hours, you will learn:
1. How to pay off your home in less than six years
2. Reduce your taxes legally to as low as ZERO
3. Replace your income in as little as 5 years
4. Retire on a passive income of $100,000 per year
5. Own $3million of real estate assets, DEBT FREE
6. Which markets are HOT now and which are NOT

This FREE property course will teach you what every investor MUST know before purchasing! 


The information provided is based on real deals and results from industry renowned property experts who have over 10 years of experience in the Australian property market. Let them show you how to safely buy property to build your own portfolio. They have already successfully helped over 100,000 Australians.

To find out more about the event location, current client success stories and our property deals available now, please CLICK HERE. Or call 1300 365 886


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