The NEW Approach for Investing in 2017 - A FREE Event For Property Investors

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There are no big citywide surges of growth on the horizon for at least half a decade… so how are we profiting from real estate now? We have 5 approaches to investing in 2017 and beyond, designed to keep a portfolio moving forward… often despite what the larger market is doing. This FREE property course will teach you what every investor MUST know before purchasing and investment property in the current state of the market.

Date 6.15pm various dates
Location Australia Wide
Price Free Event

Who should attend a Property Investor Night?

Both experienced and first time investors tell us they get invaluable information from these education events. We also have some specific information for helping...

  • First Home Buyers

Love to get your first home right now? Learn how to take advantage of thousands of dollars in government grants for simply buying the right property type.

  • Working Families

Think you can't invest until the kids have left home or paid off your mortgage? See how it could be possible to invest right now AND pay off your mortgage.

  • Time-Poor Professionals

Got a tax problem? Learn how to massively reduce your tax and leverage your most limited resource, your time, through the use of our professional team.

  • Ready for Retirement

Want to make sure you're set up for a great lifestyle in retirement? Learn how the reality of achieving an early retirement is actually a number with a dollar sign, not an age.


Find your nearest location Australia-wide:

NSW - Castle Hill, Newcastle, Parramatta, Sydney CBD.

QLD - Brisbane CBD, Gold Coast.

VIC - Melbourne CBD, Ringwood.

TAS - Hobart, Launceston.

SA - Adelaide CBD.

WA - Perth CBD.

ACT - Dickson.

To find out more about event times, locations, current client success stories and our property deals available now, please CLICK HERE or call 1300 365 886.

The information provided is based on real deals and results from industry renowned property experts who have over 10 years of experience in the Australian property market. Let them show you how to safely buy property to build your own portfolio. They have already successfully helped thousands of Australians.

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