How, what and where to buy property for growth and cashflow – Syd CBD

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If you're curious about Property Investment or are unsure what the equity in your home can do for you, come along. A couple of hours out of your morning and you can get access to expert investors Ian Hosking Richards and Lindy Lear.

Date 29 Oct 2016: 9am to 1pm
Location The Residence: Sydney CBD
Price Free Workshop (Limited Seats)

Rocket Property Group is a leading independent real estate investment business that provides property investment advice and recommendations to help you as investors to enter the property market or grow your existing portfolio.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced investor, improving your knowledge and networking with other investors will be of great benefit to you. The main topics you’ll explore in the workshop include:  

Why Property Investment?
The key principles and strategies for cash-flow positive, low-risk and set-and-forget investing.

How do I use leverage to build a property portfolio?
Getting started and the importance of structuring loans for growing your portfolio

Where Do I Buy & When Do I Buy?
Understanding property markets and property cycles to maximise capital growth

What Type of Property to Buy?
New vs. old property; buy and hold or buy and sell; develop or renovate?

How does Cash Flow Work?
Learn the basics that will transform how you assess a property for cash-flow positive benefits.

Our workshops are practical and fun. Learn how to review and rate property against set assessment criteria in a fun atmosphere while learning from experienced investors. Enjoy presentations from our team of experienced Property Advisors, and some great practical exercises to help you better understand property investing. Guest speakers will provide valuable information on their area of expertise on a regular basis

Seats are limited, secure your seat at
Presented by: Rocket Property Group

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