‘The ULTIMATE Property Master Class For Active Investors!’ Workshop – Melbourne East

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FREE TRAINING EVENT: The Property Investing Mentors Behind $401,000,000 Worth of Deals Reveal Their Secret Investing Strategies

Date 9.00am Sun 30th April
Location Novotel Melbourne Glen Waverley, 285 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley
Price Free Event

Let me get straight to the point - because this workshop is unlike ANY property investing event you’ve ever attended before...

Most property investing events will sucker you into attending with the promise of great info about some "secret strategy". Then they’ll tease you with the promise that the strategy will be revealed by the end of the day - only to hold most of the detail of that strategy back, and use it as "bait" for the next event where the "REAL secrets" are revealed.

(And then, after all that, how often have you walked away from those kinds of events realising the magical "secret" promised was nothing more than common sense dressed up with smoke and mirrors?)


To be brutally frank...

...Those so-called-gurus who do this to you DON’T respect you. They just want you to buy their information. Their courses. Their CDs.


Why am I telling you this?

It’s because THIS workshop - the one you’re reading about now - is the ONLY free property investing event in Australia where nothing is held back.

That's because we don’t sell information (we sell mentoring, and the confidence and sharper outcomes that having a mentor can bring). So we can afford to give away all of our secrets in a way that no other property investing guru can possibly replicate.

  • There’s no "bait".
  • No "secret strategy".
  • No "tease" about the information that will be revealed later.


We give it ALL away - to the fullest extent that we’re able to by law, and to our maximum ability in the time available - because our business doesn’t rely on teasing you with partial secrets about our success, and the (frankly, unmatched) success of our students.


It relies on you actually TAKING ACTION with what you learn - and realising how valuable having an experienced property investing mentor can be as a sounding board, to give you confidence, to give you feedback, to help you uncover the issues you’ll face with your investing strategy BEFORE you encounter them, to sharpen your skills, and to help you become a far more effective and profitable investor.

That’s how we can afford to give away all of our most valuable information - because we WANT you to be an active investor.

On that basis alone, if you’re ready to attend, click on the button below for event dates and to secure your spot now.

OR... If you need more info about the event first, keep reading because I’m going to explain why I think this workshop is more valuable than any property investing book or seminar that you’ve ever come across…


'The ULTIMATE Property Master Class For Active Investors™' Will Turn Everything You Thought You Knew About Property Investing on its Head…

...and is an essential event for anyone who wants to rapidly build wealth through property and potentially retire from the 'rat race' within the next 5 years.


Join Australia's Most Respected Property Mentors and Australia's Leading Property Market Analyst for a FREE full-day intensive workshop where you'll learn how to use smarter property investing strategies in today's market to potentially replace your income and set yourself up for early retirement - years sooner than you ever thought possible!

The unique systems and strategies we'll reveal have allowed each of the workshop presenters to buy literally dozens of profitable property deals, ranging from 'cheapie' properties under $100k (even today) through to multi-million dollar development sites!


You'll learn the proven systems we use to:

  • TIME THE MARKET - Know where the property market is heading - before other investors! We'll demonstrate a simple test you can use to know whether a suburb is one to avoid like the plague right now, or has excellent potential.
  • SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE RISK - Professional investors don't rely on guesswork or “gut feel”. We'll show you the techniques used by professional property investors to avoid dud areas, manage risk and ensure profit outcomes are predictable!
  • BUILD-IN PROFITS AT THE OUTSET - Why wait years for an uncertain outcome? We'll show you how the pros CREATE A PROFIT WHEN THEY BUY - by knowing how to identify properties that are genuine bargains
  • NEGOTIATE, NEGOTIATE, NEGOTIATE - Understand the "hot buttons" (what they are, and when to push them) to get agents and vendors to willingly take tens of thousands of dollars off asking prices, and save up to 10% off (or perhaps even more) off the cost of your next property investment.
  • MASSIVELY AMPLIFY PROFITS - The professionals know how to pick the next boom suburbs BEFORE other investors. We'll reveal how to PICK THE BEST AREAS to invest in, so that you can get the jump on other investors and achieve a vastly better result than the majority!
  • KEEP ON BUYING PROPERTY AFTER PROPERTY! - If you want to build a property empire then you need to know the RIGHT WAY to invest, so that you never run out of investment capital or borrowing capacity. We'll explain this very different investing approach, and show you just how easy it can be!


Specifically, you'll discover:


  • EXCLUSIVE: Australia's Leading Property Market Analyst, John Lindeman, will reveal 2 top areas predicted to outperform the market in your state!
  • Negotiation secrets for slashing 10% off the investment of your next property purchase. Experienced investor reveals his unique strategy - with LIVE practical negotiation session.
  • Australia-Wide Property Market Update where the property market is headed in each of Australia's capital cities and states.
  • What kinds of locations and properties now represent the greatest risks to investors. APRA's moves to tighten finance to investors are reducing demand and softening prices in these locations.
  • Why investing for the long term is a mug's game that actually increases risk, and could be costing you $100,000's!
  • The Simple 5-Minute Test that will tell you in moments whether an area has great potential for capital growth or is a waste of your time and money. (You'll be amazed at how quick and easy this test is. What's even more astonishing is that most so-called property "experts" don't know how to do it, but in just 1 hour we'll teach you how to use this closely guarded secret with confidence!)
  • Step-by-step instructions: How to find great Positive Cash Flow deals today - without sacrificing potential capital growth. Imagine being paid to own a property while it goes up in value!
  • The essential secrets to making a profit from Renovations: What you must know to ensure a renovation deal will actually make money. (Hint: You won't learn this on The Block!)
  • Techniques that professional investors use to buy property after property without running out of investment capital or borrowing capacity!
  • Real life examples illustrating how to profit from renovations, subdivisions and property development deals. These recent and real examples are taken from our own property portfolios, and the portfolios of our students - and prove the immense profit potential property investing can provide.
  • ... and much, much more!
  • What you'll learn in just one day will turn everything you thought you knew about the property market on its head, and make you re-think your whole approach to property investing!


How Do You Get Your Ticket?

By registering here: Secure your free ticket

HURRY! The few tickets available to this incredible free event won’t last long.

Make sure you book to attend now.

Presented by: Results Mentoring Pty Ltd

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