'Trading FOREX With Confidence!' with Daniel Kertcher. BRIS 27/7

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Are you tired of ‘scammy’ trading schemes that promise instant profits?

Date 6.30pm: July 27
Price FREE

Are you looking for a financial market educator who will actually explain both the risks and rewards that can come with specific trading systems?
At this complimentary educational event, let Financial Market Educator & Fund Manager Daniel Kertcher explain to you his system for trading FOREX like the big banks.

Here is just some of what you will discover at this event:

  • Ways to increase potential returns, while managing risk.
  • The highly effective way to trade with downside protection strategies in place.
  • How to read global economic events like a financial guru to see exactly how one event impacts another in the world so you can profit when you know to what look for.
  • The secret of using leverage and how you may be able to increase your potential investment returns up to 200 times while managing the downside risks and protecting against major losses.
  • The 2 simple markers that govern this market and how to read them.
  • How to dramatically lower transaction costs.
  • Why ‘day trading’ tactics and sitting in front of your computer for hours at a time is NOT the way to make it big in this business...
  • Daniel’s on-going guidance and expertise so you can learn to trade like a professional and protect your account from devastating losses.

Daniel’s system has been designed so that you have the potential to succeed even if you have NO trading experience or knowledge of economics, and like all of his educational training, focuses greatly on downside risk management techniques.

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Presented by: Zadel Property Education Pty Ltd



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