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My background is quite interesting.  I was born in Nairobi, Kenya, located in East Africa.  I am of Goan background (which is a state in India that was colonized by the Portuguese, and thus the surname Correia).

I am married to the most amazing man, we have been married for 8 years and have a beautiful young girl aged three.

We both came from relatively poor backgrounds where money or lack thereof, was rampant in our lives and interactions.  We are both qualified accountants who were driven to live in a different way to that which we were brought up..

I had dreams to get out of Kenya and into the first world though had no clue at the time how I would achieve this.  The doors opened when my husband got a role working for an airline, which lasted 6 months before the airline closed its doors on East Africa, but he had made enough of an impression for the airline to offer him a role in Abu Dhabi, UAE, back in 2004.  We moved there for two years.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) was exciting when we first went there, but quite tough for the 2 years that we were there, I made only one friend compared to over 100 people that I have met here in Australia. I also found it very tough to get an 8-5pm job and the reason was because I was a lady and didn’t speak the local language. Fortunately I was very persistent and after 300 applications in 6 months, I managed to get a role as a Marketing Manager for an Events Co. I have organised a variety of events, ranging from small, intimate gatherings to international extravaganzas.

It was whilst we were in the UAE that we crystallized the idea of moving to Australia and gave it a shot by applying for skilled migration. As luck would have it, accountants were in very high demand back in 05/06 and we got through in 6 months of our application and made the conscious decision to move to the new land.  No job, low cash, no family, new environment.

This was very scary for my husband, though for me, I’m very adventurous and was ready for the change.  Up to this point future thinking, planning dreams etc were unclear as we did not even know where we were going and where we were going to end up.

We landed in Sydney in Jan 2006.  Obviously, priorities were to get a place, find a job, find furniture, understand the train maps, get a car etc etc.  We were quite naïve and we made some “friends” one of whom convinced us that we must buy a place ASAP and pointed an off the plan in Hurstville, NSW and we trusted him and purchased the place not understanding the strata requirements, and growth prospects etc etc.  This place was a one bedroom with pool, gym and lifts.  

I decided I was going into business and was fed up with reporting to other people in the Corporate world and have run a series of businesses in Australia, my latest venture is a Wealth Life Coach business. This business was born as a result of people asking me to coach them and show them how we did it. Going into my own business was a big gamble that I took with my Corporate life as I had risen to an Executive level in the organisation hierarchy and was about to throw away 11 years of Corporate experience.  Whilst starting out in my very first business venture, I came across some friends who gave me a book  'Secrets exposed of successful entrepreneurs' by Dale Beaumont, and got into a seminar that Dale was holding where the whole bunch of property gurus gave us a spin on how they could make people wealthy.

We bought some of the courses like Dymphna Boholt, Chris Gray and Rick Otton and met a number of people through this, and this opened our minds to the property world.  Since then we have been searching for like minded people and desperately looking to replace my husbands income so that we can live off assets/ passive income and choose what and where to work, probably fund and be part of JVs etc.

To put some of what we learned to action we purchased our second property in 2008 in Queensland – which was positively geared, and has grown in value hence we were able to extract equity from it to put into our next deal, and then went on in 2010 to purchase 2 more properties in NSW in different locations, one of which was a rundown unit which we tried our hands at renovating with good success.

Over the years, we have spend thousands of dollars educating ourselves, as a result we have added the following property gurus to our library collection: Chan & Naylor, Carly Crutchfield, Mark Rolton, Steve Mcknight and now recently Bob Anderson and Cherie Barber. We have also done a lot of positive mindset and mentorship programs through Michael Yardney, Antony Robbins and currently Brian Tracy.

I felt a great urge to be amongst like minded people and telling family and friends about our vision was not the best of ideas as it was always met with negativity and how the economy is about to crash, etc So one day, I gathered all the investor contacts that I had picked up from forums, seminars that I had attended, courses that we had done, and people we met at parties and invited people to mingle with me, but this was not the usual “come and have a cup of tea” once in 6 months meeting, I wanted something more active, where we could build a great friendship, talk about deals, ask questions about property, share ideas, help one another reach those goals that our heart desires, and someone in the group suggested using social media like either Google+ or facebook. So I thought it was an awesome idea and started a facebook page, which is a closed group called “The only Aussie Mastermind Group” You can only join us by getting an invitation from a group member or by having a chat with me. The group was setup for mingling purposes only and is not to be used for making money, so no one is allowed to promote their business or services.

As a result of setting up this group, people have really gotten closer to one another, last time we met at a seminar and we were 10 of us, we had never met one another and we got on so well, as if we were old schoolmates! I have now formed a Property Syndicate with a select few who are doing a development course with me and we are now working on our first Joint Venture deal together. I am very excited about this as all these people I have met in this group are so full of energy and it’s amazing what positive energy can do to you. When you know that you are not the only one working towards financial freedom, it makes the journey a lot more easier.

I have tried my hand at a number of businesses but the one that has grabbed all my attention is the property business. I see property as a vehicle to creating wealth and eventually making us financially free especially if you know which strategy works for you. There are so many strategies out there, so just pick one and become an expert in it and this is what will eventually make you achieve what we are all aiming for “financial freedom”

I am extremely passionate about what I do and by doing something I am passionate about, this is what will lead me to become successful in whatever it is that my heart desires. I find the best time to work on my course material for property and in my business is in the late hours of the night so on most days I work till 3am. During the day, I am a mum and take two days a week to spend with my little girl at her playgroup. Weekends are for my family and I make the best use of them to do every other thing other than business.

It is my goal to achieve financial freedom in 5 years time and we have done a goal setting exercise with members in the facebook group.  It is almost 2am here so I am now off to sleep until next time…

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Kenyan-born Anna Correia and her growing family have lived all over the world, but sought out Australia looking for opportunity and sun. Since arriving in 2006, they have built a $1.6m portfolio and Anna is building a network of like-minded investors through a group she founded on facebook. She and her virtual ‘friends’ are looking to make real money through their first joint venture. You can learn more about her family, and their adventures in property, in this story featured in YIP magazine. 

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  • Chaika says on 04/09/2012 12:58:38 PM

    Thanks for the info Anna... I'd love to hear more about where you and your property syndicate are thinking about investing next. Also, how is the joint venture structured? I'm looking forward to your next post.

  • Anna Correia says on 04/09/2012 11:22:05 PM

    Thank you Chaika for your feedback. We are in the beginning stages of setting up the JV and there are alot of different structures to set up, we haven't yet decided on an exact one as yet as it does involve alot of things like asset protection, limited liabilities and also the most tax effective strategies.

    As far as areas for investing, we haven't reached that part of discussions yet, but it will definitely be close to home. There are deals everywhere these days, you just need to know how to do your feasibility and if it looks like a good deal, grab it. We are still in the setup stages at the moment, so its only after we have setup the correct structures is when we will discuss strategies.

  • Anna Correia says on 04/09/2012 11:27:25 PM

    When we have decided on a structure, I will let you know what it is and why we decided on it. Kind Regards

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