Investments in the US and my successful project


Investments in the US and my successful project

The last year has been extremely rewarding for me, I managed to achieve my goals of acquiring 3 properties, 5 rentals altogether. This year has been pretty tough for buyers as the market in Sydney has been extremely hot and novice investors and foreign investors have been paying top dollar for houses.  The upside to this is that I have had immense growth in my existing properties.

My last purchase was in the US, where I bought under a totally different strategy. Both properties have now settled and are bringing in moderate cashflows. To be able to invest in the US, I think you need to have the stomach for it, it’s an entirely different market and the rules we use to source for properties here are very different.

It was a last minute decision to fly to the US, we had just got back from our holiday in the Maldives and Dubai and I had to make a decision within 4 days whether I wanted to join a US conference that was about to happen in Nov/Dec for 5 days. I had my 4 year old girl with me and travelled with her to the 5 day conference. It was extremely full on as we were on the bus the entire day checking out so many properties along the way and bidding for most of them. One group that was with us bought close to 16-17 properties at one go!

Prior to travelling to the US, I had completely a very successful project  in NSW and I made heaps of equity by following a strategy that I learnt from a course that I recently did. Since then, I have had people asking me to help them out with their projects for a fee which is quite rewarding for both of us as I just love property J I had my 4 year old girl assist me with some of the decisions we made on the project, she is learning very fast and enjoys doing property with me

My exclusive facebook group “The only Aussie Mastermind Group” has continued to grow and we are now at 106 active members, I had to remove about 10 non active members from the group as I want it to remain a very energetic group where we can help one another to grow J
I also set up a separate facebook group called “The mastermind deals” which is now exclusively for people who want to bring only good deals to the table, deals that they would invest in themselves but can’t because they can’t buy two. It has only just started and you need to be a member of “The only Aussie Mastermind group”

On a personal note, I had plans to visit my dad this year and now there is this news of Ebola that has hit west Africa and am reluctant to now travel to East Africa L so not good news at all on this note

I have also set goals this year to learn how to swim and play the piano, so I am now competing with my five year old as she progresses with her lessons
I also have a goal to lose weight this year and have a partner with whom I am doing this with, so we will see the results end of this year :)

Lastly I am in the process of writing an ebook on the journey that we have had to go through to create wealth for ourselves in property, to be released very soon :)

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Kenyan-born Anna Correia and her growing family have lived all over the world, but sought out Australia looking for opportunity and sun. Since arriving in 2006, they have built a $1.6m portfolio and Anna is building a network of like-minded investors through a group she founded on facebook. She and her virtual ‘friends’ are looking to make real money through their first joint venture. You can learn more about her family, and their adventures in property, in this story featured in YIP magazine. 

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  • Bill says on 09/11/2016 04:42:33 AM

    Will prices rise, or fall there in the coming year though? Suggest you check out Beenleigh. You'll probably get over 5% returns, and you can still get houses for well under $300,000. Anyway, good luck, and congratulations on your success.

  • Leonid says on 10/05/2017 09:00:16 PM

    Hi. I do property photography. Do you see its been done same way in US, like here in Australia?

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