Lisa Curtin

Single mum Lisa Curtin has conquered most investors’ biggest fears, going from struggling to pay her mortgages to seeing success in renovations and now claiming the ultimate prize: a portfolio that will enable her to retire at 50.

  • Since my last blog I have been browsing the online sales (as you do, even when not looking to buy) and the property next door to my recently renovated house came on the market. The listing prices on offer was below what it had cost just a few years earlier (to buy and build) to ensure a quick sale and I made an offer. read more

  • In undertaking a cosmetic renovation for a short time period I needed to consider what works would give me more ‘bang for my buck’ in attracting tenants. The house will be demolished after that time and none of the fittings will be retained and as such I didn't want to be spending unnecessarily. I did however want to provide a nice tidy home for people moving in and be able to achieve the best rent possible. read more

  • Taking two of my properties to a new bank, along with my own home as security was approved. I have left three properties, which now standalone having gained enough equity, with my previous bank. These will now tick along nicely and no more loans will be applied for with this bank. read more

  • I am truly inspired by the wonderful women I come across who are as passionate about property as I am. A couple of weeks ago I decided to canvas interest amongst my work colleagues and friends in starting a women’s property investment circle. read more

  • As you know I like to buy close to the ocean and purchase low priced properties with the ability to value add. I’ve done this previously by renovating, subdividing or furnishing which is why I buy close by to where I live. read more

  • I have been looking at developing in the last few weeks and the funds required to purchase a large block, subdivide and build units are out of my price range for what the bank will allow me to borrow as a single salary earner. read more

  • Paying market value each time means that I have to wait to gain capital growth to make up the stamp duty and any extra funds (for renovations) taken out in the new loan as I tend to borrow around 110%. I need to think of a way to do this in a more cost effective way which would maximise my profits. read more

  • Those of you who have been reading my past posts will have an idea of my strategy with units I have been purchasing a street back from the beach in Rockingham WA. read more

  • I’m trying to be smarter in the way I purchase my future properties to maximise profits. I've been looking into developing rather than buying each property as it comes to the market as I’d like to pay under ‘retail’ value. The below is my understanding of what I've been researching and should not be taken as fact as I’m a layperson sharing my experiences only. read more

  • I am with one of the four major banks. The bank's valuation on my mortgage free PPOR was very conservative with a $200k difference between their 'on paper' valuation and market value according to sold properties of the same type in the area. read more