Marissa Schulze

At the tender age of 18, Marissa Schulze already possessed a financial understanding well beyond her years. She saved up her first deposit while still living at home with her parents and bought her first property. Now, 11 years later, her portfolio of 16 properties brings her $3,710 in rent each week; has amassed equity of more than $1.5m. She now runs her own mortgage broker firm in Adelaide, along with her husband and, still at just 30 years of age, she is only getting started.

  • Since my last post, I have been busy working on an 8 unit subdivision/development project that has been in the pipeline for some time now. Whilst my property investment strategy is definitely ‘Buy and Hold’ I am now building the confidence and knowledge to be able to develop and add value to some of the land I purchased several years ago with the intention of still continuing to hold the completed and improved dwellings but being able to maximise my profit and return from each investment. read more

  • I am noticing more and more that borrowing money to purchase property through a Self Managed Super Fund is becoming very popular and is a topic most property investors are interested in learning more about. read more

  • As I took some time out to enjoy a drink at a café on the Port Douglas Marina Mirage I couldn’t help but think about the history surrounding this famous Marina and the man behind it. It certainly is a beautiful spot and I believe Christopher Skase was a visionary for creating the Marina and for putting Port Douglas on the international tourist map. read more

  • I recently enjoyed a family holiday in Port Douglas. I could not help but notice the numerous vacant shop fronts on the main street and at the famous Marina Mirage. And it does sadden me to see this. It was a good reminder for me as to why I have stuck to residential property through my investing journey. read more

  • Some people look at me that think I am lucky. But I do not believe in Luck! I believe we all create our own Luck! read more