IMPORTANT Post-Election Briefing for Property Investors! - Chadstone

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Discover Where The Property Market Is Headed, The Best Property Strategies For 2019/20, And Whether NOW Is The Right Time To Get In To Make HUGE Profits…

Date 25th June 2019
Location Chadstone, VIC
Price FREE

With changes to negative gearing & CGT now "off-the-table", plus rate cuts and a relaxation in lending rules imminent, the property market is already changing.

Fortunes will be made and lost in the next 2 years as a NEW PHASE in the property market takes hold.

Those who are educated and prepared stand to make substantial profits…

…while those who sit by, paralysed by uncertainty, will miss out on one of the greatest redistributions of wealth in recent history!

But in the new market, 'traditional' investing strategies have become redundant and ineffective. To succeed and prosper, you MUST learn the RIGHT strategies for profiting in today's market!

BE ADVISED: this won't be your average run-of-the-mill property seminar.

At this free evening briefing we'll be revealing our latest fact-based research on the local property market - and where it's headed.

We'll even reveal two suburbs in your State that are set to BOOM, and that most investors don't even know about... yet!

PLUS you’ll get practical insights from expert property investors including...

  • a simple test to know whether YOUR suburb is set to boom or crash;
  • how to maximise your access to finance in the next 30 days;
  • systems to create your own capital growth even in a slower market;
  • secrets to finding positive cashflow properties today;

...and more.

Join Australia’s leading property investment mentors for a relaxed evening featuring some of the most informative, hype-free, and practical property market information you'll get anywhere - designed to make a genuine difference to your investing success in the new emerging market!

Please note that this will be a "boardroom" style event with limited seating to allow plenty of Q&A, so make sure you reserve our spot right away.


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