Ben Handler

Ben Handler

Ben Handler is co-founder and CEO of Cohen Handler, a buyer’s agency with over $3bn worth of properties purchased in nine years.
He is also into learning, reading and doing yoga and meditation to bring mindfulness to his professional life

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  • It is important to set financial goals but often it is our financial fitness that is left by the wayside to be dealt with at another unspecified time. For many Australians, it’s a struggle to pay the bills, let alone working out when and where to buy an investment property read more

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  • The recently released 2016 Census results confirmed that there is a big shift in the number of people renting with nearly 31 per cent of Australians falling into this category, up from 26.9 per cent five years ago. Apartment living is also on the rise with semis, terraces, townhouses, and apartments accounting for just over one quarter of housing (26 per cent) with 13.1 per cent living in flats. read more

  • Many of Cohen Handler’s clients are repeat investors, buying their second, third or 11th property from us to add to their portfolios. You might be surprised to know that a fair proportion of these investors are on modest salaries of around $55,000. read more