Cam McLellan

Cam McLellan

Director of OpenCorp, Cam McLellan is committed to sharing his passion and property investment knowledge with everyday Australians.
After thriving in the telecommunications, technology and recruitment sectors and making six BRW Lists in 8 years, alongside accomplished OpenCorp. entrepreneurs Matthew Lewison and Allister Lewison, founded OpenCorp. eight years ago.
Cam started investing in real estate at a young age and quickly mastered the art of building sustainable wealth. He has used the same wealth building strategy to develop a multi-million dollar business, sharing his knowledge and skill with ordinary Australians. Cam has personally bought, sold and developed numerous properties and has an extensive residential and commercial investment portfolio.

  • Selling an investment property is like a game of snakes and ladders. You climb and climb towards financial freedom, but when you sell it’s like landing on a snake. You slide down the snake and have to start all over again. The best advice is always to hold, hold, hold and hold. read more

  • You should always begin with the end in mind, in other words your desired outcome. Once your journey begins, it’s easy to get distracted and stray from your path of systematic investment. read more

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  • Why property for me at the start? What I wanted was a wealth-building strategy that had reasonably low risk but still had excellent returns. read more

  • The first deposit is the most difficult to save. Once you’ve started building your portfolio, your appreciating assets will help you fund future deposits and you’re off and running. read more

  • The first question I asked myself when I wanted to build wealth was: How much is enough? Here’s how I found the answer. read more