Lindy Lear

Lindy Lear

Lindy Lear

Lindy Lear is a successful property investor who had a late start into investing, yet has grown her portfolio to eight properties in three years. She is a qualified property advisor and general manager of Rocket Property Group, and she won the Reader’s Choice Award in 2009, 2012 & 2013 for Property Investment Advisor of the Year. Lindy is passionate about helping others realise their goals through investing in property, and can be contacted on 1300 850 038 or visit

  • Have you noticed how emotions can run high when the subject of property investing comes up? It seems that everyone from your friends, work colleagues, family and people next door want to give you advice about investing ! This advice can be confusing and conflicting, and also very negative to your success. So if your friends, family and next door neighbours are not right for your team, who is? read more

  • This month I want to follow on from last month’s ABC of Investing with more common misconceptions around borrowing money for investing and chasing high yields so that more budding investors understand how to start investing in an easy, stress free and low-risk way. read more

  • Property investing is my favourite topic of conversation. I love speaking to people who are keen to learn how to invest in property. However I am often surprised at the misconceptions many people have about investing and hope the following information is helpful to budding investors. read more

  • Sometimes in choosing a strategy investors find they get bored, or run into difficulties, or even stop investing ever again because of a bad experience. Switching and combining strategies could give renewed energy to the growth of their portfolio and may help get these investors ‘back on the horse’ and moving successfully towards their goals again. read more

  • Many investors hesitate to buy a property because of the fear of not having a tenant for a period of time. Being without a tenant in your property can cause you to lose sleep. It can also impact on your holding costs and potentially stop you in your tracks from growing your portfolio. The strength of your investment property is underpinned by the strength of your income to support the property, so finding and keeping good tenants is a top priority for stress free investing. read more

  • I have met all types of investors over my years of being a property advisor. The common goal seems to be to grow a portfolio of properties for future passive income. Investors can range from being very active to being very passive. Which type of investor you are can affect how fast you can achieve your goals through property. read more

  • Each month, Lindy Lear shares a fundamental tip or two to help budding investors build the best property portfolio they can. Read on for some of the ways Lindy helps time-poor investors successfully get started in property. read more

  • I think there are many other people like me, working hard and yet looking for a way to retire early or grow a passive income through property. So what is the best way to achieve this goal – is it to focus on becoming a property expert first through education or to focus on growing wealth by having goals and taking action first? read more

  • Most property investors would agree that researching a property before you buy is most important. I suggest the motto ‘ think before you buy’ could also give you much better results . Many investors make bad investment decisions on what to buy and where to buy when they focus on only one thing in their research. read more

  • One of the first decisions to make when you start buying property is which strategy you are going to use to reach your goals. This is critical because without a clear strategy, your journey in property can end up being very risky, a bit hit and miss, and with no formula for success to follow, you may never reach your goals. read more