Philippe Brach

Philippe Brach

Philippe Brach, founder and CEO of Multifocus Properties & Finance, is a successful property investor who turned his passion for property into a unique investor-focused business. In addition, he is the well-recognised author of ‘Creating Property Wealth in any Market’ which lays out in detail what it means to invest in property.

His 25 year background in corporate finance and accounting, as well as his experience as a property investor, real estate agent and finance broker, gives him the perfect profile to help investors in all aspects of property ownership. In particular he can ensure that investment strategy, financial set-up, ownership structure and sourcing performing properties form a seamless plan that optimises potential for growth, and preserves benefits associated with managing a portfolio.

  • With interest rates at 30 year lows, many property investors and home-buyers are enjoying lower interest repayments on their loans and are tempted to lock into a fixed mortgage rate. read more

  • One of the cardinal rules of investing, regardless of asset class, is to ensure that an investor has a researched risk management plan. read more

  • Why do so many investors stop at just one property? Let’s look at some of the thoughts people have that hold them back from investing in property in the first place, or from building a multi-property investment portfolio. read more

  • There really isn’t anything quite like entering a brand new property. Similar to a new car, there’s something pretty special about a new house or apartment, from that fresh paint smell to the shiny new finishings and newly laid carpet. But new properties aren’t just attractive aesthetically; they’re also an attractive investment option for many property investors, including myself read more

  • Structuring finances is the second most important step on the journey to building a property portfolio. The first important step is to have a strategy before starting to invest. If you don’t plan to get wealthier, you won’t get wealthier! The choice of structure to put in place will vary depending on the investor’s personal situation. However in every case it should involve selecting a “main bank”. read more

  • Most investors are very keen to find a property that they emotionally like and quite a few look at designs and features that they would like to see in their own home: “I like the property but I would like the walls painted light blue”. I usually start any conversation with an new investor by explaining that it does not matter. read more

  • Aspiring Australian property buyers know what they want and they’ll do what they need to get it. Moreover, from what I’ve seen, they’re not afraid to do things a little bit differently, when it comes to making their first sortie into the property market. Rather than spending years saving for a deposit for a first home they love, more and more of my clients are making their first steps into the property market with an investment property instead. And when the numbers add up, I cannot help but be inclined to think it makes perfect sense. read more