Todd Hunter

Todd Hunter

Todd Hunter is director, buyer’s agent and location researcher for Sydney-based wHeregroup. He is an active property investor himself and amassed a portfolio of 50 properties by the age of 31. For more of Todd's musings visit the wHeregroup blog.



  • The new legislation being introduced into Superannuation is nothing short of ridiculous. Not only will this new legislation affect the small percentage who earn higher incomes but it can also affect property investors with a portfolio. Make sure you read this! read more

  • The downside to achieving great capital on a property portfolio is the decrease in rental yields to follow. read more

  • From experience, those who renovate home don’t then go onto investing afterwards as their cash flow has decreased to the extent where they don’t feel comfortable doing so. read more

  • For many, this will be the biggest dollar value item they have ever purchased or one of a few large purchases they make in their lifetime, so treat it like it is. read more

  • Sorry to be a bit of a downer here, but there is some truth to that old saying: “Good things come to those who wait.” read more

  • When researching locations to invest in or calculating whether tenants can afford to rent one of my properties, one of the most important factors in this equation is – Income to Debt Ratio. read more

  • Question: Would you buy an investment property without personally inspecting it or having a professional buyer’s agent inspect it on your behalf? read more

  • Is it just me, or are you also confused about Auction Clearance Rates? I mean, depending on which article you read, they can vary by more than 30% each week. But why? The answer should make you a little angry… read more

  • There comes a time when as a Buyers Agent we must say goodbye to a location and move on. That time has come for me in SE QLD. The great thing for you investors still trying to secure that one investment property deal, is that now you don't have to compete with me. read more