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By Tyron Hyde | 12 Mar 2020

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Thinking back, I now realise I was motivated to succeed from an early age. I saw my father work hard all his life to support fi ve kids and then lose all his superannuation in the late 1980s when he invested it all in a company called Estate Mortgage.

They proclaimed to be “safe as a bank” but in reality were just lending to developers and offering a slightly higher interest rate on deposits. So that extra 1% or 2% my dad was supposed to get cost him his life savings. It shattered him.

I guess part of me wanted to make him proud and prove that I could ‘make it’. By the time I was 30, when he passed away, I had my own business and he saw that I was doing OK, and I know he was proud.

Nowadays, I get inspired by meeting incredible people. Whilst there are shonks in the building industry, there are also some creative and passionate people out there too.

Most successful developers don’t do it for the money, so what drives them? It’s generally the challenge that they love, the creativity and the ability it gives them to leave their mark on society.


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