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Expert Advice with Tyron Hyde - 10/10/2018

In this month’s QS Corner, I am reminded why I like property...

A builder once said to me, "You can’t make property from a plastic mould". I like the fact that property takes a while to plan and build, because, in my opinion, the demand-and-supply equation has a lot to do with the price of property.

A development across the road from where I live in Bondi was ‘in council’ for three years.

This means it took three years for all the planning approvals to be passed – before construction was even started. And it took at least another two years to build.

That’s five long years for the developers to wait before they started to see a return on their investment.

With shares, however, the company can make a capital-raising at any time or issue options to directors or employees.

This type of activity may raise much-needed funds for the company, but it also dilutes your shareholding, making your piece of the pie smaller.

In contrast, you or the government can’t just issue another house.

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