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10 ugly truths about property investing

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Your Investment Property | 26 Dec 2013, 05:00 AM Agree 0
Many so-called property advisors rarely speak about what could go wrong with an investment. Here’s what they’re not telling you
  • Jay Apple | 27 Dec 2013, 02:11 AM Agree 0
    Problem Tenants - Most problem tenant issues can be eliminated (or at least greatly reduced) with proper background screening. is a residential application management program that includes credit, criminal and eviction screening at no cost to landlords or property managers. The applicant pays a nominal fee.
  • Greg | 31 Dec 2013, 12:27 PM Agree 0
    Don’t forget incompetent senior property managers. If they break the law, it's the Landlord the Tenancy Tribunal goes after, not the real estate agency or any of their employees.
    Real Estate Agencies or any business managing property are 100% legally immune from any screw up’s they cause with Tenants, like for instance deducting monies from rental bonds without receipts or forging Bond release forms.
    You heard right! The Tenancy Tribunal has no power to go after any real estate agent. As far as the Tribunal is concerned, the real estate was acting as your representative, so whatever laws they broke, it’s as if you did it yourself.
    Real Estate Agencies with their very own “Get out of Jail” free card. Bravo, well played!

    You can pursue the Real Estate seperately through the Department of Fair Trading, but don't hold your breath.
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