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ACT Chief Minister suggest paying states and territories to consider scrapping stamp duty

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Your Investment Property | 19 Aug 2015, 04:12 AM Agree 0
Head of the ACT believes incentives could result in tax reform across the country
  • Graham | 19 Aug 2015, 03:46 PM Agree 0
    I'm pretty sure that the incentive has already been given - The GST 15 years ago! Ridiculous property taxes were supposed to go. It should have been conditional then.
    The only problem is that when Western Australia only gets back less than ONE THIRD of the GST we pay the Govt had to INCREASE LAND TAX to cover it. (Thank you South Australia!).
    Don't expect WA to agree to any increase in GST while this scam stays in place.
    The floor on GST should be at least 75% and anyone who wants to share in WA wealth, come live here. If we keep propping up the other states how will WA get the infrastucture that the other states already have?
    Yes a, non cumulative land tax on ALL individual properties would be fairer and then of course we would need to tax the other two asset classes, CASH AND SHARES.
    Why should only property holdings be taxed? Tax all of the three asset classes held as at 30th June, same as property.
    Currently its a bit like taxing people with i phones and not those with android.
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