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Advice on where to start.

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STORMfor2015 | 30 Jun 2015, 02:32 PM Agree 0
Hi everyone,

First of all, id like to say g'day to everyone on the forum there is quiet a wealth of information on here thats a great read. I would like to ask your advice/opinions on where i should go from here in my immediate property investment future.
I am currently 24 years old and have a job where i earn around $65000 a year gross. I own my own house valued at $500,000 and have a mortgage of just under $330,000. I have had this for around a year and have paid around $1600 in extra repayments. I have around $17,000 in my superannuation fund and currently don't contribute any extra into it. I earn around $900 a week after tax and pay around $500 a week in mortgage repayments and insurance costs and rent one room out for an extra $175 a week. I also have around $7500 in savings in a high interest savings account.

My question is should i start trying to get into the investment property game now or would you pay down the mortgage as much as possible and wait a few more years? If so, does anyone have a good source of information for beginners? Should i try and get into shares instead of property because of the amount of uncertainty in Australia's property market at the moment?

Not really sure if this question makes sense and if not im sorry i just want some advice/ideas on where to go next.

Thanks in advance for your time spent reading. Have a good one.

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