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Brisbane fires up as regions fuel Queensland revival

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Your Investment Property | 10 Mar 2015, 12:41 PM Agree 0
Queensland’s capital leads the residential real estate recovery in the state, breaking through the $600,000 median house price barrier for the very first time.
  • | 10 Mar 2015, 10:01 PM Agree 0
    Each time this cycle ticks through, is more evidence of the demand but also exaggerated prices pushed by agents, owners and desparate people needing housing. It's natural I hear you say? No it's not. It's greed, and it's illusion. You see how can we say compared to sydney it's cheap, that's teue but it's a misleading statement as its what's natural for qld ,i us the flee and comparison from sydney markets.... It's all a intricate system relying on ignorance and the Sharks in suits pushing the prices and "feeding the greed" as the agents and auctioneers courses teach.
    Don't fall for the hype. Give agents a hard time. Put in low offers on property....u see, if everybody snaps out of he selfish me cycle and actually stands up for common good and sense the. The snake oil salesman will listen.....
    We are throwing out the baby with the bath water now in oz......
    There is a reason the interest rates are low, be prepared for a weak economy and your cashed up morons with over capitalised mortgages to cry foul when they have to sell at a loss..... Oh god I pray for the day soon.... Even if the snake oil salesman children will benefit...sadly.
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