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First time investing...

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Ninla | 13 Jan 2019, 06:21 AM Agree 0
I have just send it some offers to put a single family house under contract. Before i get a property in my possession i really want to know how to structure my investment property portfolio, because i don't want to stay with just 1 property, i want to grow fast in the next couple of years.

So far, i am learning real estate terms but i am not quite sure what path to take. LLC, trust and umbrella policy and mortgages. I have saved for down payment of a property less than 150K, and i am searching all properties less than this price, this is what i have for now and + fees a long the way.

Should i first setup a LLC entity and then acquired a property under LLC? But how does mortgage work under LLC entity? I've read that getting mortgage under new and not proven LLC record is really hard. Then i found out if i want to have mortgage under LLC, i have to get commercial loan which is 25% down payment is it not? If it is, seems i can't afford that for my first property.

I really want to have some protection for black days if something happen. Trust are, as far i understand is for anonymity.Not sure about this.

What happen when i get more and more properties? Getting new LLC for new properties, feels kinda too much, i am not sure how people manage this.
I am going to manage my own properties, until i get a license to star mngm firm and hire people to manage all my properties, so i can focus on investing. Which is a long way, but yeah why not, i don't trust 3rd party property managers who don't even care.

Should i get only umbrella policy for every property?
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