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High risk, low reward: Private landlords reminded of stiff penalities

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Your Investment Property | 24 Mar 2016, 08:00 AM Agree 0
A fine of more than $7,000 for an investor in Western Australia should serve as a reminder to private landlords about the risks they may be taking in self-managing rental properties
  • Graham | 24 Mar 2016, 02:36 PM Agree 0
    The tenancy laws aren't that difficult actually. Good luck trying to find a competent property manager. It's way less stressful to manage our own properties. Takes less time as I don't have to manage the property manager. Tenants also appreciate that maintenance is done quickly.
  • Not a veggie | 25 Mar 2016, 01:11 PM Agree 0
    What is the world coming into, believing that we are unable / incapable to manage and understand Their new laws. Landlords simply need to keep with the laws that are coming into place and manage their own portfolio. Had several property managers and none of them were up to it, it is just a job for them, the properties are not theirs. As Graham mentioned above tenants appreciate when the maintenance is done accurately and promptly, you will keep your tenants longer and have a better business relationship with them instead having the property manager playing the blaming game on each landlord / tenant.
  • smarty pants | 07 Nov 2017, 05:44 PM Agree 0
    I completely agree with the above comments. I have been witness to property managers letting the property they manage deteriorate to the point of disrepair. Very often the property managers are not doing their job and deliberately misleading the owners as to the conditions the property really is. For instance one property manager would send the owner black and white photo of the garden to hide the fact that entire lawn was dead together with the rest of the garden. They would engage contractors for repairs on the property that charge twice that normally the cost would be. I know the case where the unsafe wall that was allowed to deteriorate to the point of disrepair fell and killed the tenant at the property, well manager was "not responsible". And being neighbours we approached the manager on one of her inspection visits to question her about the very visible deterioration of the property. Needles to say we were met with very hostile reception. Usually you have no access to your own property to verify it's condition. While when you do your own inspections you have direct contact with the tenant, built a better relationship with the tenant and can asses your property condition first hand. And most importantly don't have to pay very high fees for the questionable inspections.
    The person that brought to our attention the case of Ms Sakowski is serving interests of this questionable managers. No thank you I would rather have a safe environment for my tenants, money are not everything the relationship with your tenant is.
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