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interest payments for investment loan from PPOR offset.

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Ravi Gupta | 15 Feb 2016, 08:40 AM Agree 0

I recently got valuation done for my ppor and got equity into a separate loan account that has a new offset attached to it.
Can I make interest payments from oopr_offset instead of new offset for my investment loans(and new equity loan) and still have all interest payment tax deductible?

Complete scenario described below:

I have a PPOR and and offset attached to it. I recently bought an IP and planning to buy more in near future.

Initially I had this:
ppor_loan = 378k
ppor_offset = 200k (salary goes here and all personal expenses from here.)

I revalued my ppor and put equity into another loan account with a new offset attached to it. let's call it investment_loan(I will make sure I won't use it for non-investment purpose.)

ppor_loan = 378k
ppor_offset = 200k
investment_loan = 118k
investment_offset = 118k

Then I bought an IP and paid initial deposit(105k) from investment_offset. New accounts look like below. All loans are IO.

ppor_loan = 378k
ppor_offset = 200k (salary & rent goes here and all personal expenses from here.)

investment_loan = 118k
investment_offset = 13k (future IPs expenses to be done from here)
ip_loan = 512k

Q1: Can I make interest payment for investment_loan & ip_loan from ppor_offset (instead of investment_offset) and still make both interests paid fully tax deductible ? Can interest debited from ppor_offset for investment loans cause contamination?

I don't want bank to deduct any money from investment_offset because of following reason:
As some equity has build up in IP1 I am planning to get bank valuation done and have bank increase investment_loan by X and investment_offset increase by X.
So, when I buy another IP2 in future I can pay initial deposit+expenses from investment_offset and still have interest paid on investment_loan fully tax deductible.

Q2. Is my strategy correct? In future I will pay all IP 1 & IP2 expenses from investment_offset while all incomes (salary, rents from ip1 & ip2) will go in ppor_offset.

Thanks for your kind help.

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